Trident Racing Pedal Box

  • Manufactured from CNC -machined aluminium alloy & TIG-welded steel to provide a strong and rigid 3 pedal assembly
  • During adjustment, all 3 pedals move together, requiring no adjustment of stops, throttle cable or brake/clutch lines
  • At 2½ kg, the lightest 3 pedal box available
  • +/- 15% Brake balance adjustment
  • Floor-bolted or rail-mounted for rapid adjustment for drivers if required
  • Ideal for track-day cars
  • Will convert to pendulum type, Pedals available separately
  • Pedal ratio 4.5:1

We also manufacture a small 90º bevel drive for balance bar cables where space is tight.

Additionally we have in stock Girling master cylinders, brake reservoirs, Earls lines and fittings, balance bars and cables, AP and SRF brake fluid, temperature tabs and paint, cooling ducting etc.

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