Red Line Gear Oils

Super lightweight Ideal for dog boxes & diffs with lower power throughout or shor duration e.g. qualifying, hill climb, sprint
Lightweight General mineral 75W90 replacement, now 75W85. Suitable for Hewland LD200, F3000
75W90 Suitable for nearly all car & truck diffs, both conventional & LSD, but NOT SYNCHROs as extreme slipperiness can cause gear clash
75W90NS Friction modified to allow use with both copper & steel synchros. When mixed with 75W90, it can be used to fine-tune LSDs for weather and track conditions
MTL For manual transmissions-front wheel drives, sierra-type syncrho boxes
MT90 Suitable for Caterham Type 5, MR2, historic, classic synchro boxes


Suitable for MGB rear diffs, high temp operations and diffs with excessive noise.

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