2-Part Cockpit Foam

2 Part Seat Foam Kit

  • Ideal for making custom race seats or inserts
  • Can also be used for filling voids in bodywork
  • Starts to set within approximately 15 minutes
  • Can be carved, shaped or sanded after 3-4 hours
  • Produces approximately 2 cubic feet of foam

This polyurethane foam seat kit produces a rigid foam seat which is ideal for making custom fitted seats – essential for drivers to achieve their optimum seating position offering improved comfort and safety, helping you the driver to keep focused on the race! When the two parts are mixed, they begin to react within about a minute, and after about 15 minutes the foam will be set, and several hours later will be hard enough for sanding or shaping. The resulting foam seat will have a density of approximately 2 pounds per cubic foot and will not absorb water. One kit is usually enough for about 3 typical formula car seat inserts.

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